Very good for the online PSP

User Rating: 7 | Coded Arms: Contagion PSP
The best thing I like about this game is the online play and the graphics. This game is mostly good playing with your friends. It is a "almost be not quite" type of game, the campian is like F.E.A.R. persus mandate compared to the The F.E.A.R. (the first one), The rooms and the missions Repeat over and over again as you kill as you go. But man the graphics are alot better that the first, I can tell that the playstation 3 type coded arms is going to better that the other psp types considering that its in BLU Ray resolution type. If you play the demo movie you will like this game alot JUSt for its multiplayer. I can say the graphics of this game are very impressive, its like the graphics from "counter strike" but in lesser resoulution. I like this game in any way possible. Tip: ask your friends if they could buy this game and you and your friends would play lan and you could tell me if this game sucks or if its good. The laggy part of this campain is when you have many things going on (then the game gets kinda glithchy). The online play has a ingenious ( no speed telepotetions from lag) if you lag you slow down.