Best fps for the psp!! Great Graphics and Online!

User Rating: 10 | Coded Arms: Contagion PSP
Coded arms contagion is a very nice game for the psp as a FPS! i dont know why some ppl says its fails and ecc,The Graphics for a psp looks very good and the guns look detailed and awsome, the only thing this game got a but confused is the story its like a digital program action shooting fps game u wil enter in a data chip something like that, there is alot of cool guns and u all can upgrade them like the firepower the clipsize and ecc, the enemies are cool too and they are not always the same, u can play the past lvls for trials and challanges after u beat a level, the most nice thing of this game is the online multiplayer with worldwide of adhoc.there are some cutscenes in the game that look very great too.

I Sugest this game to all psp owners if they are looking for a FPS to play that all fans of FPS should try!