Good Online and Solid Single Player make this One of the Best FPS' for PSP.

User Rating: 9 | Coded Arms: Contagion PSP
Chances are,if you played the first Coded Arms,this one will seem like God's gift.Better graphics,aiming,multiplayer(online), and better weapons make for one good game.

The story while unoriginal features some good looking but highly rare cut scenes.That said the graphics are decent.The weapons and environment are detailed.The enemies vary so your not shooting the same thing the whole game.

The game play is very entertaining.Hacking can be fun,but it can get repetitive and boring in the later levels.The upgrades you can get for your weapons are all too rare but once you get them,you get stronger.You can also play Trials after you beat a mission.So there is good replay value in the single player campaign.I thought the game play was very good.

The multiplayer is good if you can find enough people playing it.No leader boards though. It plays just like the single player campaign.

Get this game for $20 and you will be happy.