Just as boring as the origonal

User Rating: 4 | Coded Arms: Contagion PSP
So its the second instalment of Konami's coded arms, I had the original one with my PSP and after you finished it was very limited. But now with the second one they have added a storyline and try to expand the game so how did it do?

Gameplay- The game is a lot like the 1st ne going into different areas fighting enemies with the many weapons the game offers. In the game they have added a storyline which to me was so boring I kind of didn't follow it.

Graphics- Are actually surprising good, especially for a PSP game, but most of the backgrounds are recycled A LOT and you end up running around areas that look the same A LOT. But they do have quite a lot of detail.

Sound- The sound effects of the weapon fire is pretty good but the music's doesn't offer a lot.

Summary- The game isn't worth playing unless you really enjoyed the 1st one, Great graphics but the gameplay isn't very good.

+ Good Graphics
+ Good weapon selection

- Boring Story
- Props re-used a lot