Remember this is a PSP shooter so its okay for the platform.

User Rating: 7 | Coded Arms: Contagion PSP
The graphics are good but its the detail that takes this game down a level. The physics are realistic except for the jump. L is to jump and you get like 10 feet of air and can bunny-hop around dodging bullets. The detail is not as good as the first Coded-Arms, as in when you shoot cartridges do not fly out of your gun and in this one the guns are a little more futuristic. Singleplayer is very simple but the levels can get confusing. Multiplayer is great except that the lack of detail makes it harder. An example is there is no flash when a weapon is fired so you don't know if someone sees you. There are no buddies on multi-player and you can't kick people from servers. Only 1 or 2 servers are going and are lonely, you are lucky if you get a busy server. Overall I think this game is worth the 8 dollars I spent.