once more coded arms comes back and its as bad as before!!!

User Rating: 1 | Coded Arms: Contagion PSP
If you want to here much about this game you should read my coded arms (the original) review because there almost exactly the same HORRIBLE! If i had to eat dog meat for a year or play coded arms for a year i'd pick the dog meat thing, coded arms contagion is exacty like the other coded arms you expect people to make a sequel to fix the last ones problems WRONG! Contagion has its still BAD controls that make you want to puke while playing the game. The enviorments still make you fell like your in a computer hard drive.Also the combat is still the same, its junk. You just dont have fun while playing contagion, its the same,'' bang! ''o look the robots dead''. It doesnt help when its still short either you fell like your playing the same game just with a cooler case.And your guy looks like the alien from the AvP movie unlike the guy from the normal coded arms he looks like robocop. Your guy is cooler this time round, cuz he is kinda a mixture of sam fisher and the alien. But lets face it they will never make a good coded arms game so im just not gonna bother. Dont buy the game, even if your other choice is moldy bacon.