Great for those rainy day's or long trips..

User Rating: 8.5 | Clubhouse Games DS
I really enjoy playing this game, and the major selling point for myself is that you can replay the game many times. If your like myself and hate spending money on a game that you can only play once then you'll enjoy Club House Games and the high replay value that it offers.

One of my favorite features of this game is that it is Wi-Fi compatible and it allows you to play with people from all over the world. I do admit that I'm a little rusty in the areas of bowling and darts, but that fact that I can kick someones butt from time to time in another state or country makes me sleep a little better at night.

The only draw back that I have found with this game is the accuracy of certain motions. When your playing the bowling game your stylus must remain as still and straight as possible if you plan on getting a strike. The slightest movement to the left or right will place the ball into the gutter, and this also goes for the darts game.

I'm sure that minus these couple little faults anyone who purchases this game will have a blast and get some sort of entertainment from this simple hand held game...