42 Games For A Ridiculously Low Price and Wi-Fi Play?! An Absolute Steal.

User Rating: 8.5 | Clubhouse Games DS
Clubhouse games is the newest addition to my DS collection. I got it for $20 brand new here in Canada and I must say it was definitely worth it.


The game uses the touch screen for almost all the games. It includes 42 games ranging from darts, bowling, billards, balance, rummy, texas hold 'em, poker, president, memory, pig, connect 5, checkers, chess, etc.

All of these play well and all of them use the touch screen. Also these games can be played online over Nintendo Wi-Fi which works great. You can play against friends or with anyone around the world. You can also look at the leaderboards. During friends matches you can send each other written messages however in matches against anyone world wide you can send pre-written messages like "good luck!" or "good match!".


Nothing too impressive here, though everything runs smoothly and looks pretty nice.


Again nothing too impressive here, I mean it is just a game with these card games and such in it. The Menu's look nice and everything, the music is actually kind of catchy and some of the backgrounds for games look nice (especially the paper ones).


Again nothing amazing, the sound effects are pretty good and the music is actually catchy.

Lasting Appeal.

Clubhouse Games will last you a long time. Its is literally one of those Pick up and Play titles -- you'll keep coming back to it every once in a while and its especially convenient for as those on the go type of games.

Final Thoughts.

For $20, and 42 fun games -- you cannot beat the price. To top it all off you have Wi-Fi play as well as missions you can play to unlock items. Great value for a DS game.