An amazing amount of activities to do make ClubHouse games a must buy for DS owners.

User Rating: 9.5 | Clubhouse Games DS
ClubHouse games comes with over 42 games to play, ranging from card games all the way up to Soda Shake games.

The gameplay is obviously quite varied because of the fact that there are so many different games to be played. The Soda Shake game is quite cool in that you have to shake a bottle of pop so much so that it will "pop" on the other players when it is their turn to shake it. Also included in this pac are board games like Checkers and Chess.

The A.I is actually quite adept at playing against you, especially if you set the difficulty to Hard. Chess is one noteworthy game where the A.I adapts to your strategy extremely well.

The other fantastic thing about this game is that it includes Wi-Fi capabilities. You can play with anybody online(you can only chat with them if they have Friend Codes).

If you love board games and card games then this is a must buy. Otherwise you should still buy it because the amount of stuff to do for the money you spend on it is ridiculous.