42 All-Time Classics Is A Great Game For Those Who Love Board Games And Card Games! This Is An Essential DS Game...

User Rating: 9.5 | Clubhouse Games DS
This Game Compilation Has Over 42 Games Including: Poker, Darts, Bowling, Cards And Brand New Types Of Games! This Is A Real Fun Family Game. The Multiplayer In This Is Great. You Can Play All The Games You've Unlocked (Or, If You're Not The Host, The Host Has Unlocked). There Is So Many Games To Play You Don't Know Which One To Start With!
My Favourite Card Game On This Is, Pairs. Pairs Is Easy, Fun And Simple To Play. My Favourite Board Game In This Is Checkers, Because It All Ways Makes You Want To Come Back For More. I Would Rate Most Of The Board & Card Games IN THIS Game A 5/5, But A Couple Of Games 4/5, Due To The Fact That It Can Get Boring.
Overall This Game Is A Must Have For Any DS Owner.
P.S. Ignore The 12+ Rating That's Just There To Warn Parents About The Gambling Games.