It' glue to a drug adict...sometimes you don't have time/money to get something better.

User Rating: 5 | Clubhouse Games DS
It's weird cause i've been playing this for a fairly long time, and picking on this game is like picking on a porn movie cause of bad dialogue.

But still, let's get real; this is a good game if you can't play anything better for whatever reason, It's basically a load of bad games in video-game format, and i wouldn't be playing it if I didn't have to study everyday, i would be playing something that immerses me without worrying about the time played.

Yeah, i just said that, card games and board games are bad, we just play them because anybody can do it, and it's fair and easy to play them with friends.
Of course you can get professional at poker and stuff like that, but then you won't be playing this game.

There's virtual versions of bowling and darts and some other stuff, but not anything that you can't find on the Internet as a flash game.

And yet i would recommend this to people that are to busy to play more extensive games, because it's a decent time-waster.