One of those games that will never get dust.

User Rating: 9 | Clubhouse Games DS
Club House Games for the DS is just the game you need to have in your collection. Who doesn't want to pay 19.99 for a game that has over 15, no 30, no 40 games in it????

Those new to my reviews, I review in 5 categories: Game Play, Difficulty, Controls, Replay Value, Online Play.

Game Play: 9/10

The game play is quite simple... Card games like Poker, Hearts, Spades and more, Plus darts, bowling, dot n lines, hangman and much more.

Difficulty: 10/10

Here is the best part, you can put the computer on easy, medium or hard. Simple and fun, or play against your friend.

Controls: 9/10

Thankfully this is easy. Drag the cards around with the stylus. Games like darts and bowling may take a lil practice in aiming straight, unless you cheat .... using a credit card to help aim with.....

Replay Value: 9.8/10

This game never gets dust. Its fun to play on the go, car trips, sitting down bored, every time you play a game the outcome is different, never the same.

Online Play: 8/10

Here is the downfall, I gave it a good score because connecting is easy, its trying to connect and find someone to play a specific game. All games except 5 are playable. But most people have fun with darts bowling and so on. Trying to find someone online to play poker, or blackjack and games like that will take a long time. But that is what FC and download play are for !!!!