Even with the poor audio and dated graphics, the game is one hell of a time waster.

User Rating: 7.5 | Clubhouse Games DS
42 games in one. That's amazing, there may be even more.

GAMEPLAY: 8.5/10
There is tons of varity. To card games, to classic, to whatever. Chances are its in the game. There are games where are instant classics where you'll be playing a lot. There are 3 game modes. Free Play, Stamp and Mission. Free Play is free play. Stamp is beating different modes and mission is beating missions. I found myself sucked in playing this. I was playing I Doubt it, Texa's Hold'em, Balance, and more for hours without even knowing it. When playing with 7 CPU's its quite enjoyable. The multiplayer is good to. Overall, this is a fun gameplay experience.

GRAPHICS: 5.0/10
In 2010, this graphics are considered "Dated"

AUDIO: 4.5/10
Lame sound effects and annoying music. Though somewhat realistic.

CONTROLS: 8.0/10
Easy to use stylus controls.

I was sucked in likeI was hypnotised.

PROS: +42 Games, +Varity, +3 Game Modes, + Fun Single and Multiplayer,
+Very Addicting +Good use of Stylus Controls.
CONS: -Dated Graphics, -Bad Audio