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User Rating: 8 | Clubhouse Games DS
Complations games are nothing new, if you are unfammilar with the term it means that in one game you are able to play more than one game. There are alot of these about and they seem like good purchuses as you get more games for the same amount of money you would spend on one. But most of the time it's just an excuse for companys to make some quick cash on already done ideas. Well in steps Nintendo with 42 All Time Classics, (Clubhouse Games) which to the untrained eye looks as though your getting 42 "Classic" games for the price of one. But do you actully get 42 classics, or do you just get 42 wastes of your time?

42 All Time Classics is fairly easy to use and navigate to find what you want to play, to make it even more user friendly every game is avaible to play from the start. However the more time you spend with certain games you will unlock new features within the game, nothing really worth you trying for mind you, an example is you get a diffrent coloured chess board in chess, see nothing worth trying for. The game is split up int 8 catagories, basic card games, intermediate card games, advanced card games, basic board games, advanced board games, variety games, action games and single-player games. Now I won't go into great detail into all of them but I'll skim over the ones your most likely to be playing.

As you may have guessed not all 42 games are the greatest games you'll ever play and some come closer to mediorce than classic, but I think you'll be fairly happy with the selection here. Unfortuntly I don't know too many card games so there not the ones I tend to play, but I think you'll be happy with the selection here, a few that may interest you are Old Maid, Blackjack, Rummy, Texas Hold'Em, Spades just to name a few. The board games is the one I most enjoyed and fans of board games won't be dissapointed. A few of the best are Chess, Checkers, Connect 5, Backgammon to name a few here.

The rest of the games are mixed and this is where some of the best and worse lay. Some of the best are Bowling, Darts, Billards, Balance Soliitare to name a few, but there are some really bad ones like Soda Shake. It's like hot potatoe where all you do is shake the bottle of fizz and pass it round and see who it explodes on, sounds quite cool and in real life that may be the case. In game format...not so much.

So there are the games, if your like me you'll only understand how to play about 3 of them, so it's quite handy that they have in game instructions, they tell you how to play and even hand it some hints. It is however not that user friendly and is more like reading a text book on the subject, some tutorials would have been appricated. But remeber you only payed the price for one game with these. There is also a mission mode where you have to meet requirements to unlock certain things, but as I said they are quite pointless and you will spend most of your time in free play mode.

Multiplayer is a key element to the game aswell, you can do local mulitiplayer or put in one of those friend codes and play with your mates. It is fairly easy to set up and play and makes for some good fun. If you don't have any friends (Laughs at distance) then the AI does a good job taking there place. You can control there difficulty too, but normal should be just fine.

The presentation is bland but it gets the job done, I mean it's like there just sorta there. Everything is basic and looks as though it could have been done on a low quality PC about 10 years ago but do we really want HD games of dominos? The music however is simply not just bland, but after a while gets annyoying! There are a few nice tracks, especially the Eastern themed ones but the standard ones for the rest grates on the nerves. Just turn the volume down and put in your MP3 player and you'll be fine.

42 All Time Classics may not be...42 All Time Classics but that dosn't mean it isn't good. To be honest 12 all time ok games would still be worth the money seeing how much your getting for your money. Some may argue you will have much more fun playing these games with the real thing, yes that is most likely true, but could you carry all of the equipment needed to play all of these 42 games in your pocket? No ofcourse not that would be ludicrous, it's all about fun portable gaming and it succeeds. Going on a car trip, don't forget this!

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