A great little game!

User Rating: 7.7 | Close Combat: Invasion: Normandy PC
Close Combat V invasion normandy, I saw it on a shelf in the cheap games section in my local store. Thought I'll give it a go being a fan of WW2 games. After playing it for about an hour I had totally lost track to time. It is fairly addictive and offers some challenge when facing stronger foes.
It is incredibly fun exterminating enemy soldiers with a wall of tanks. The gameplay is good but it could have been better. The AI is'nt incredibly good too. Scenario your tank is on a striaght road. you tell it to move about 30 meters forward, it will start spinning round and possiblt go the opposite direction taking a good 20 minutes to do a 30 second job! When your in a big battle that can be very annoying especially when needing armoured support!
Other than that it is a fun little game, its easy to play and great if you have alot of free time. Would'nt really reccomend this game to many but if you enjoy games like this it wont disappoint.