I bought it today but have played at my brothers since it first was released. There are so many options to this game!

User Rating: 9.5 | Close Combat: A Bridge Too Far PC
I bought this game today, but I have played it at my brothers ever since it was released. I like the options that you get with infantry and with tanks in this game. It is a very addictive for the time it was made. I think it was very futuristic for it's time period a must try! This game has too be one of the best I have ever played and I am stuck on Close Combat games ever since then. I know that for gamers like myself, that like or love military games this is a great game to own! My brother owns Close Combat the original plus The Russian Front, Battle of the Bulge, and A Bridge Too Far. They are very detailed and explosions are some of the best. I have only one other game that I think is got as good of explosion review that would be Men Of War the new release of this year!!!They are all some of the first and best military games on PC I have seen and played!!!!!!!!!!!! Close Combat's are the best!!!!! Thanks Ben,