It was one of the glory moments of Microsoft games

User Rating: 9.3 | Close Combat: A Bridge Too Far PC
Well to begin ...i played this game a very long time a go and still play it once in while....when you get stuck to the CC series .....its worse then Crack ...youll get adicted ....Its a spectacular game.You must also bear in mind that this game is old so dont rate it by modern standarts.....i have to say that this game is historically very acuratte ....with lost and lost of information about the history of Market garden ....also it can be learned very quickly ...but to master it its another thing, because this game simulates the closest you can get to real life combat tatics ,sometimes even with the best of plans your tatic and strategy can go awfully wrong ....just like in real life.Soldiers surrender.....soldiers get fanatical....sodiers take cover ......cowardice and bravery....its all in there a very realistic treatment of balistics and vehicles.
All-in-all , its just great .no doubts fellows... if you want harcore RTS ...youve been missing the best.