I am sorry that a true artist like Marilyn Manson (Jericho) could perform in a quite disappointing game like this...

User Rating: 6.5 | Clive Barker's Jericho PC
It looks scary in the beginning but in my opinion, the game is very repetitive and the monsters AI is not very impressive. The graphics are good and the system requirements for PC are quite low which is a good thing for medium income players.
Besides a few scary scenes, the game itself is more like an arcade shooter, and not a survival, as it should be. I would imagine this game more like Condemned: Criminal Origins, with limited ammo and survival techniques available for the player, which, in my opinion, would have made the game much more interesting. Unfortunately this game is only a weak first person shooter, for which i didn't find any friends to play online.... maybe the game would have been more captivating if i managed to gather a team to play with, but not even my friends were impressed by the game having Marilyn Manson as central (bad) character.
Conclusion: if you have something in common with first person shooters and you like this genre, you will find the game accessible and fun to play. Despite my appreciation for Marilyn Manson, this game is not even scary! I expected more from this!