Completely and unfairly underrated.

User Rating: 8.5 | Clive Barker's Jericho PS3
I had always steered clear of Clive Barker's Jericho, having read the reviews and hearing people say how crap it is. But I saw it in a gameshop for 2nd hand sale and it was dirt cheap so, being a fan of the hell raiser movies and FPS and virtually anything that involves the horror genre, I decided to give it a go. The first thing I notice is that the graphics are slightly dated in 2009, still good mind you, just... a little dated. The second thing is that I keep on dying because the enemies are so bloody hard to bring down. Frustration begins to set in and I feel as though my squad are a worthless bunch of losers. Putting you off? Well, these are the first impressions, but let me tell you, as the story progresses and you begin to get more used to the control system and learning how each of your squads abilities and weapons are handled you will find yourself totally and hopelessly immersed in the gameplay and will be completely addicted. Unfortunately your squad will still seem to be a worthless bunch of brainless idiots. This is my one and only complaint about this game is that the squads AI is ATROCIOUS. You will constantly have to keep reviving them after the dumbasses walk up to instead of away from an exploding monster. Apart from that though their OK. Why is everybody moaning about the level design? I found each level to be challenging and visually satisfying. Oh well, you can't please everybody. As it's so claustrophobic and dark it adds extra tension in my opinion and it's not all narrow corridors and such, as there are also plenty of open spaces. Each character has 2 weapons and 2 magic abilities and you will be able to pass from one character to another on the fly. Never did I feel like I had a favourite as they are all useful in there own way. There is a command system where you can give simple orders, but the Jericho squad don't really listen much so really I only used them a few times in the game during puzzles where you have to sycronize the squad to do something.
As I said before, the graphics are slightly dated, but really are pretty good, getting better as you go on. The lip sync is horrible though and is truly a shame as the voice acting is exccelent and would have beneffited from facial expressions to truly add the final graphical touch, but...alas, not so.
The music is a real treat, dark and broody, fitting the environment perfectly and the sound effects are also top notch, no complaints in this department.
There are about 10 sets of enemies that get repeated throughout the game, but some levels have exclusive enemies also. They are pretty hard to bring down, sometimes pumping whole magazines into them and they spawn up from all over the place, but be aware that as you progress you will find them easier as they all have weak spots, so if you just hit them wherever, they will be harder. Blow there head off or blow them up, use your magic, learn the game and you will see that your squad are much more badass than anything that they throw at you. Most levels have bosses and some are easier to defeat than others, as some of their weaknesses are not so obvious, but eventually you'll figure it out.
Another thing that got overcritisied are the quick time events. I found them to add depth to certain situations and in no way takked on. They can be slightly fast but once you get used to them, like everything else in this game, you'll be doing them flawlessly.
I do agree that the ending feels somewhat rushed and left wide open, judging that there will probably never be a sequel, (even though there definitely should be).
All in all I really enjoyed this game and would recomend it to anyone who enjoys dark occult horror movies or FPS with a touch of magical strategy thrown in, especially since you can find it at a low price.

Graphics= 7/10 (2 years ago would have been higher)
Playability=8/10 (Some game flaws can get on your nerves at times)
Sound and Music=10/10
Story=8/10 (Slightly confusing)