Gamers overlook the great parts of this game for petty details and failed expectations, it's really a shame.

User Rating: 9.5 | Clive Barker's Jericho PC
I remember seeing trailers for this game before it came out and Codemasters really did a great job at snagging my interest; beautiful graphics, dark scenery, some bad ass with an arm mounted chaingun, and lots and lots of things to shoot. It seemed like Serious Sam and Alma from FEAR just gave birth to something truly epic. I forgot about the game when it came out and never picked it up until a few years later, and I wish I had sooner. while the game is very linear in a "You wont ever get lost because there's one road to travel" kind of way, the story and writing were perfect, character development was pleasing as each of the 7 members of Jericho were unique and had soul, something most games lack. Above all else, shooting was pure fun, I used all of my available squad mates and adapting to each was very easy and felt perfectly steam lined.

So with that said, I do not really see how anyone could find significant fault with this game, unless they were expecting it to be some genre defining hit, it just sticks to a solid formula that WORKS, and it develops itself nicely within that niche. In the realm of horror based shooters it really rides to the top of the list, atop such blunders as Vampire Rain and Alone in the Dark, and I found this very refreshing. With the hefty price tag of a whopping $7 (for the collector's edition which is sick) I would recommend this to anyone looking for gory fun, with solid direction.