An incredible game that has been seriously overlooked in the pc gaming world.

User Rating: 10 | Clive Barker's Jericho PC
Now seriously, 6.5? This game was one of the best games I have ever played to date..... and believe me I have been through every system out there, saturn, jaguar, nes, all the ps systems, xbox systems, and have been through many pc conversions and updates... (you guys remember Myst right?)... and Jericho gave me something that many video games just don't give you anymore; epic graphics, an intense, philosophical story, an interesting configuration for squad based combat, and just straight up, head on, white knuckle violence, with enough gore to satisfy even the most bloodthirsty gamers, ( and parents complain about gears of war, pbbbbt)...

The game starts out with your squad in al kali, this ancient made up ( I think) city, your squad is in pursuit of this dude named Leech who has made a huge human sacrifice and opened up a portal ( in the game called the pixys), which leads your squad in a reverse trip through time in order to stop this guy called the firstborn from wreaking havoc upon the present world (yeah, pretty F**ckin epic.

Among the many different time frames you visit are WWII, the middle ages in the crusades, Ancient Rome ( my fav), Al Khali (Ancient Sumeria), and finally this place before civilization where you battle the firstborn.

But let's get technical, I ran this game on vista 32 bit, 2 gig ram, a little forceware, nvidia phys x software required, whether your card is compatible or not, and 256 mg of graphics power (8600 gt).... that's a pretty awful wrig especially considering the one i play most my games on.... (i'll spare you those details, but what else do i have to do while i'm sitting in lectures supposedly taking notes)... but the amazing thing is about jericho, is that everything runs in cooperation with everything else, engines and mapping runs very smoothly, even when your pushing it.... something i get out of very few games... (Unreal engine being my favorite).....

finally, after this long and somewhat informative review, ive gotta say, if your into gory epic metal, and you enjoy the hellraiser series, and you got a medioce rig, then you'll love jericho, it will entertain you for weeks, ( pop 2000 heads.!!!!)

(did not try this on ps3 or 360, so don't take my opinion of that)