Only thing worse than a bad game is a potentially great one done wrong.

User Rating: 4.5 | Clive Barker's Jericho (Limited Edition) X360
It's an "oldie" by now so I don't guess it really matters but I finally got around to playing it myself.

I think its a well-accepted fact that Undying was a heck of a fun romp through spooksville so I was quite looking forward to what Jericho would have to offer. Unfortunately the best thing to come out of this game were the trailers for it because the reality of the gameplay ranges from dull to downright ridiculous.

The combat is simply not very satisfying, perhaps due in some part to the fact there are generally more Jerichos on screen than there are enemies, with the trade-off that the enemies are made of bricks while your teammates are made of paper. As a result, most of your weapons end up feeling incredibly weak and most firefights wind up playing more like a morbid, simplified rhythm game where the objective is simply to tap A quick enough to keep everyone on the team alive long enough for sheer weight of fire to bring the baddies down.

Focus on a smaller squad (which does crop up sometimes) and more numerous but weaker enemies probably would've been a more prudent course and might have made the game more enjoyable as a shooter rather than a bad battlefield medic simulation. I also wonder if devs for once be arsed to code some friendlyAI which runs AWAY from bullets rather than straight into them. Though there are some neat weapons and abilities to be had in the game, you'll spend almost as much time resurrecting comrades as you will shooting things.

Add to this a generally bad script related with out-of-place, campy voice acting and the game really starts to tumble downhill into the void of mediocrity. It's not an abysmal game in that its broken in any way but simply because it seems to make a conscious effort to sap any joy you might find in playing it though bad design choices.