O please this is good, not Great but good

User Rating: 7.5 | Clive Barker's Jericho PS3
This is an underappreciated gem

The story isnt exactly as fresh as this mornings bread, but its good enough to keep any player completely immersed for hours. With a diversity in characters it keeps the game fresh in that you can select a different character at any time during the game (Except ofcourse for certain situations when you're left alone)

The game oozes with creepiness, and most pixels were designed to provoke fear, and adrenalin charged reactions. And those few that werent scaring you, were definately making you question the strength of your gag reflex.

The art direction is absolutely fantastic, although the graphics doesnt compliment that very well, so on a ps3 atleast the environment is pretty dark most of the time.

The controls arent inuitive, but once you get use to them they work great

This game is unique and original and in my opinion is a must play, whether you borrow, steal, rent or buy it, its not gonna get any hardcore fans but play it, its well worth it.