A good first person shooter with an awesome concept but, it could have been better...

User Rating: 7 | Clive Barker's Jericho PC
I love FPS and I also love horror, whether it's in movies, or in games, and in my opinion Clive Baker's Jericho is a good FPS... It won't win any awards but gamers who like FPS might like this. As for the horror, don't expect to jump because of a scare but I think it does the job.

It's an original story. Jericho is the name on the Team your in. You are a warfare and occult expert and the team fights supernatural entities.
You were assigned to close a breach in some old ruins. The breach, created by God, holds it's first creation named the Firstborn. From this on the story develops having turn points that you might not be awaiting for.

Most of the gameplay is a normal FPS though it has some quick time events, although I think those where unnecessary to the pc version.
You play as different characters and each one has different weapons and powers, so this keeps the gameplay changing constantly.

There is no background music during the game play. The background sound is a bit creepy giving the game a great atmosphere.

Extras and codes:
The game comes with extras and codes. The extras are images that you earn for completing the story. As for the codes, I have to say I was very disappointed. You pay for the game, but if you want the codes, they say that you have to call a phone number and have to pay extra for each code. I mean, if I already paid for the game I don't see the need to pay for the codes...