Awesome teamplay and superb storyline are few of the reasons why one should never miss this game. Clive Barker rocks!!

User Rating: 8 | Clive Barker's Jericho PC
I dont know why some games, even though being brilliant, never make it big??
Maybe thats why i like them even more. How great it feels to find a game surprisingly awesome when u were expecting it to me crap, u know what i mean?
Sure Jericho has got a few scars here and there, so what? Which game hasnt? The story of the game is awesome with lot of suspense and Apocryphal historic background. You play as Ross, the leader of the Jericho squad. From an impure Catholic Priest, to a loud mouth machinegunner, to diabolical witches, soon u will fall in love with ur Jericho squad! The characters in the game have amazing powers. But thats not all. Sometimes u have to tactically use each other's powers to successfully defeat ur enemies. But there i go giving away the climax. The enemies are disturbingly horrifying creatures. Just make sure ur lights are out and the sound's in full volume, Clive Barker's Jericho will come alive!