Take Jericho as a side-option, there are better games out there. Nothing special.

User Rating: 5.5 | Clive Barker's Jericho PC
Graphics (10/10)
Awesome graphics. Close-ups are great. Environments are excellent and very detailed, great effects for the special skills, explosions, gunfire, etc. It's excellent overall, nothing to complain about it.

Sound (7/10)
Good sound, scary noises sometimes but nothing more. Nothing really special about the sound.

Gameplay (3/10)
THIS is the weak point of the game and the very well justified overall 6 it has. Great graphics, standard sound but HORRIBLE gameplay. I give it 3 points because the very original idea of being a soul changing bodies and switching between different-specced troop members, while changing the combinations of people you have (6 in total). Special skills are ok. But the REALLY **** thing is the "one-line" style this game has. You can't actually explore the wonderful environment, you have to go straight the hall, shooting, stabbing, slicing and exploding every monster that steps in your way, very poor layout. Weapons are variated and i liked the idea of having a troop member with a sword, it's something different which i've never seen before in an FPS. Despite all this features (which i find quite limited though), it deserves a 3, because of the fake-freedom you seem to have and you don't, it's a 2006-ish game, we should get a bit more freedom while walking on the environment. NOTE: I find the chicks quite overpowered among the rest of the team, specially Black and Church.

Storyline (8/10)
I find it quite interesting. A special troop that has to kill a godlike being inside a place called "The Box", which doesn't respect any type of logic. Quite fair and interesting.

Difficulty (5/10)
It's an easy game, despite some parts that you have to die several times to figure out what to do next. But once you get used to it, you'll finish it in less than 10 played hours.

Bottom-line: An interesting option to change the habbit of playing World of Warcraft (or any other online game) 2-12 hours a day.