Read this carefully before buying this game

User Rating: 5 | Clive Barker's Jericho PC
5 Things This game lacks :-

1 . Better Gameplay

Every Game has their own unique style and storyline so does this game but to back them up no solid gameplay

no new features except the healing part which is very unique and attractive

2 . Better Audio :-

This game has a creepy music which is better at many occasions but at few points the background takes over the dialogues and actually forces us to use subtitles

3 . Better Graphics :-

I am not whining about the graphics but this game looks like its without dynamic lightings . too much dark helps the game but actually makes it impossible to detect the enemies

4 . Difficulty :-

Just because its so hard doesn't mean its bad but the difficulty of this game is beyond the level of competition . i was playing this and within a short span of time i realized that this game is harder than a normal one which actually irritates you in many ways

5 . Better AI :-

Your allies are absolutely pathetic . They cant keep up with you , they cant tackle the enemies of the first few level and they leave you high and dry in many occasions .

Top 3 Positives :-

a.) low priced
b.) storyline
c.) Spooky BGM's

Top 3 Negatives :-

a.) Gameplay
b.) AI
c.) difficulty

Verdict :-

Too much of a mess up ends up as failure and this game is the perfect example for that