JERICHO is the best HORROR story ever written and interpreted for a game to date.

User Rating: 9.5 | Clive Barker's Jericho (Limited Edition) X360
The game has a creepy value of 11 out of 10. The monsters and Jericho team are both highly innovative and remarkably engaging, although a dozen or so extra random character dialogue asides would have been better. The game environments are bloody, slimy, dark, bloody, ancient, mystical, bloody, and beautiful ! The villans are out of this world. The story is exquisite, intelligent, magical, dark, and nicely explained as you play and peel away the layers. The tight rooms and small spaces have been criticized but they totally add to the creepy feeling and in most ways are accurate interpretations of how one would walk through an environment such as those found in the game. There are areas where your free to roam around and make strategic use for eliminating the pixis foes, so its a nice balance. There are so many innovative touches you can explore and if your a horror fan, will really appreciate the ability to walk in on a crotchless-monster playing with his half-dead human toy who suddenly hears you coming and lunges his CLive barker-esque grapple at you !! Anyone who says this game is lower than an 8.0 has no appreciation for horror or was simply too SCARED TO PLAY !! Multiplayer could have been an interesting addition however it is not necessary. The music was done well. Thank you Mr. Barker and Codemasters, you did a wonderful job of creeping us out in a brand new and mind boggling way. I have seen things I would have never imagined, only Clive Barker can guide you to those places, Codemasters could never have take us their without Clives vision.