A review made by who played Jericho...

User Rating: 7 | Clive Barker's Jericho PC
Desapointing, but good... That's what Jericho is...
After less than 10 hours playing in of the most gory and intense scenarios, full of blood and body parts. Since the beggining we can see that Jericho's squad is heavy armed and powerfull. But we only fight has the squad captain.
After the egipt (or something) scenario pass behind we find ourselves into another body, which now we can experience other powers of Jericho squad.
But our main caracther is always captain Ross.
Now the squad as two objectives: Kill the Firstborn and escape the eclipse of time before it's close..
The Firstborn is somekind of a black baby, very creepy, but sounded too be our friend, but is not...
The gory and blood are more intense from scenario to scenario, WW2, Middle age, Rome , and babylon age have their own spooky moments and bosses.

Disapointing why? Because it's too linear, and becomes boring after a while, the scary that have should be is only a gory pass. Dispite the powers, its preety easy beat the bosses even they are very spooky..