Its funny

User Rating: 7 | ClayFighter GEN
ClayFighter is a fight game with humor included. The battles are funny, because all the characters look goofy and the moves will make you laugh, but, its still a fight game.
There are plenty of players to select that go from a fat viking women to a Halloween pumpkin guy. I know who they are i just dont remember their names.
You had multiple close range attacks and with some characters a long range attack. For everyone that had the original genesis d-pad, if the game was paused, you would switch attack style( like from arm to leg attacks).
The music varies depend on what level you are, but it will become repetitive after a while. On the other hand, the sound effects were funny. Every fighter had different sounds.
The objective in this game was to become the ultimate fighter, meaning you had to fight all other characters. The game was challenging from the very first fight. You would probably lose many, many times before you reach the final fight, a fight were you would take on a guy made of balls (i dont remember the name again!). This was the hardest battle in the game (well duh its the last) were the opponent only attack was... throwing balls.

It was a funny game to play, but was a little hard. Still, it was worth the buy.