Alright for it's time but nowadays it would be seen as a lousy fighting game.

User Rating: 5.9 | ClayFighter GEN
When I played this game around 1998 it was awesome, fun,interesting characters, fun multiplayer and different style to all the others but somehow between there and then this game became more difficult for me to play. I went back to play it a while ago and my god it was hard, maybe not because of difficulty but the actual game itself. The moves are pretty lame and button mashing attacks get tiresome. The game is pretty 'laggy'. It just gets boring so quickly. I used to be able to win everytime but now I can't even beat Helga on the first stage :P When your a kid you are easily pleased and love any game you are lucky enough to have but today at a time where I can buy games whenever I want it would not suffice. It's an enjoyable memory thinkin about Icky Bon Clay and Taffy but dont ruin the nostalgia and play it again.