Clay Fighter 631/3 is back...With an Update!

User Rating: 6.5 | ClayFighter: The Sculptor's Cut N64
Clay Fighter Sculptor's Cut is a major upgrade from the previous game Clay Fighter 63 1/3. And what made the cut? Well I'll start with 2 disadvantages, the combo chain attacks have been removed and there isnt any 300 hit combos nor combo breakers. But advantages are that there are more fighters to choose from(they were announced for 631/3 but were removed cause lack of memory) like High Five, Lockjaw, Yappa Zappa Boys & Lady Liberty. There are more than 12 fighters in this game. Another difference is that the game has better graphics and fighters are more balanced than before. The Klay Island has been remade and looks even better than 63 1/3. Overall this game is satisfactory but not as good as 63 1/3 but I will still recommend it.