super mario bros. for nintendo wii

User Rating: 10 | Super Mario Bros. NES
super mario bros. the game that became a legend as soon as it came out
the good everything
the bad
this is one of the bset wii games ever made sure the graphics are outdated but is still very fun to the point where u would want to barf(no pun needed)
gameplay 10/10
music 10/10
plot 4/10
graphics 7/10
overall 10/10
this is 1 of thoes games that no one can say anything bad about,it had many sequles like galaxy mario 64,world,bros. 2,the lost levels,bros.3,nsmb,nsmb.wii,galaxy 2 this game had more sequles than you think overall this is just a great games much more than u think,thanks for reading my review of super mario bros. wii its not the ripoff u think it is and its a great way to spend ur money thanks for reading my last review of the summer befor i go off to school tomorow moring