Some aspects of the game are poorly implemented.

User Rating: 6 | Ken to Mahou to Gakuen Mono. PSP
I would get straight to the point. Instead of saying what this game is like I would present out its flaws.

First, is the combat system. You encounter monsters by groups. But instead of having the option to specifically attack a monster you are only able to target the whole group. You see, each monster are assigned in a group. So if you target a group you'll be able to hit a random monster belonging to that group. Now, it's not actually important when you're first starting out but it could save your party's ass every now and then(just like it did mine in EO). In this game, you just don't have the option to prioritize a target and thus lowering the strategic value of this game. And it also gives an illusion of the game being very hard when in fact it is not that extremely hard. Only that the combat system has one major flaw.

Second, is the rest system(whatever you'd want to call it). Fully healing party members cost a sizable amount of gold. Money is extremely hard to come by in this game but here's a trick: have a "devout" or any one who can cast the spell "heal". Heal members low on health. If you run out of mp, simply have your healer rest(it cost nothing). See? The game developers didn't take that into account.

Third, speaking of money here's one that is absolutely frustrating and unnecessary. Money isn't wholly shared by your party. I don't know how the system works but each party member will receive gold coins(CoH currency) as a reward in battle. Thankfully, there's an option to pool the money together. Here's the catch: you can only put together the money accumulated by your party members into one character. You can redistribute it evenly but its quite time-consuming when your buying/crafting equipment for one of your character. Example: you want to fully recuperate your character which will cost 100g. So, he's full rested now but wait you'd also want to heal your other members. And I tell you if you don't have the money around you need to keep pooling your gold and keep transferring it one member to another. Not so frustrating? Wait till you buy items and craft stuffs around.They could have just simplified it. What's the point when basically all I'd want is to get my money's worth? The means does not justify the end.

Class of Heroes is a decent dungeon crawler by all means. I don't actually mind the difficulty and the whole visual presentation. I have the patience to play this kind of game but I guess it's not enough. 'Cause there are parts of the game that really turned me off.