Level Six's vines and chess puzzles

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I am stuck at the part in level six where the second part of the map has a chess board and a vine blocking an entrance. I've tried tons of times to whack the vine with my sword and ax, and nothing has happened. I have also tried using all of the magic scrolls that I have (fire, lightning, meteor, explosion, and confusion.. although I don't think confusion would work so I haven't tried that one) to see if any of them would have an effect on the vines. Unfortunately, this hasn't worked either. So, how do I destroy this vine, or is destroying the vine even possible? As for the chess part of the level, I have only collected the knight piece. I haven't seen any more pieces, so I am assuming that the knight is really all you need. Do you need to have the knight in your inventory, or do you need to place it down somewhere on the chess board so that the two pieces blocking the entrance can move? Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions!