Maxing ATK, DEF, and Mana?

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Is there any way to maximize these as much as possible? I have plenty of widens that will allow me to use the Crazy MC trick but I've noticed that if I max my ATK and DEF then my mana will be lackluster, around 1.5k and possibly lower for other characters, and obvious it'd work vice-versa the other way around. So what would be a good job and magic circle to use to keep your all 3 attributes relative high? Honestly, they don't have to be max, just as high as possibly attainable.

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I managed to get 999ATK with 120crit, and +300 to spells in slots 4, 5 and 6. I guess it works the same with other stats, but you must sacrifice DEF in this case. The trick is to "WIDEN" lots of +9 mana, and then use the mana multiplier slots to go crazy with it, then add +120ATK for 560mana WIDEN (so its 240ATK for 1120mana) take 5 of those and you're done. In this picture my SHAMAN (the char with most mana in game) has arround 6300 mana