A great game with a few flaws, but maintains the definition of what a MMO should be! For a solid review click here!!

User Rating: 9.5 | City of Heroes PC
Ok guys, first off I would like to say that many people will try to convince you that World Of Warcraft has it all and is the best MMO game out there. Well thats wrong. A flaw I would like to point out is that its not very team based. I played city of heroes/villains for 3 years, and WoW for 1 year and compared city of heroes has alot more to offer for an MMO. I say this because in city of heroes everyone has something to gain from doing other people's missions and such. In World of Warcraft the person who has the quest is the only one who benefits from it, well city of heroes changed that. In my opinion you play an MMO to be with other players, not so you can go around by yourself just grinding away on quests an enemies so you might be asked to do a pvp match at a high level. In city of heroes teaming pays off because every person gets the end exp for the mission!!! Thats how an MMORPG should be, it should make you want to team.
The supergroup system in city of heroes is much like a guild. You have many players all talking laughing and making teams with each other. City of heroes has bases which the leaders of the supergroup can design and customize themselves. Even base raids which is supergroup versus supergroup are highly exciting, to see who has the better base and the better players!!
Ok onto pvp. Now whats an online game if you cant show off to other players what you can do? City of Heroes in my opinion has revolutionized player vs player. Often it gets so complex that you will get lost in it, jumping and speeding around at 100 miles an hour you wont know what to do. It is alot more exciting and action pact that any other game we have seen. Guild Wars holds the medal in alot of people's eyes for pvp, but city of heroes/villains pvp is often overlooked.
Well I have said all the good, but this is an honest review so here is the bad. Often times in player versus player a good archetype but a bad player will beat a good player with a bad archetype. So its not all on skill but powers you choose. And the missions can get repetitive after seeing the same setting over and over again.
Like any game you have to take the good with the bad, if you beleive this game stinks like some say than you havnt played it yet and should give it a try. After all we all wanted to be super heroes (or villains) at some point didnt we?