Going Rogue improves and matures City of Heros for a slightly older audience and finally lets you switch sides

User Rating: 9.5 | City of Heroes Going Rogue PC
Going Rogue takes everything you love about City of Hero's and adds some things you've always wanted. Better story lines. Hard moral choices. Many shades of grey between good and evil. Finally the ability to switch to the other side and keep your AT. It also has other improvements and the new Incarnate System they are still continuing to add to provides much more for end game players.

All in all a great addition that any City of Hero's player should buy. Any MMORPG player should try it for a breath of fresh air. Flexible teaming, an innovative take on loot, chaotic and fun battles against scads of opponents, and always feeling super. It's just great. While the objectives get a little repetitive as do the maps, the combat is just so fun and the sheer amount of combination of heros you can create will keep you around for quite a while. I've played City of Hero's for 5 years simply because I find it's combat and team mechanics more chaotic and more entertaining than anything short of PVP.

The downside: If your looking for PVP, look elsewhere. There is no real PVP here.