Has Brought City of Heroes Back Into My Life!!!

User Rating: 8.5 | City of Heroes Going Rogue PC
Alright guys, well I started playing City of Heroes in January of 05 and have been an on/off player ever since. The game used to be amazing and I loved it but than it got boring for me, everyone i knew quit, the servers were dead and it just wasnt fun anymore. After lvl 50 there was nothing to do, IOs had just been introduced when I quit and i didnt care to get into them, so i just quit the game, but now I am back and here is why!

The Good:

-Servers are jam packed on a nightly basis, never without a team!

- The new Incarnate system offers tons more to do on lvl 50s, all my 50s were boring but now they are just fun!

-New leagues offer a way to play with much more players at once, and they made them very fun to do.

-New Classes are fun to play but dont unbalance the game like some previous classes have.

-How strong your character can get after max lvl seems almost limitless with tons of upgrades and powers to gain

The Bad:

-IOs have gotten so expensive its very hard for new players to keep up with veterans

-Incarnate system can be difficult to learn for players just coming into or back into the game

-1-2 bad teamates can ruin a task force

-No new archetypes since villain epics

Everyone is gonna have a different opinion on GR, personally i love what it has done for the game, people are playing again and with a good community City of Heroes is still one of the top 5 MMOs out there, and definantly the best out of Superhero MMOs. Any former CoH players if you come back you wont regret it, and anyone interested in a new MMO experience go pick it up! After all, you cant beat a classic.