This game made me bi-polar

User Rating: 5.8 | City of Heroes PC
Well it's one of those games that one minute I love it and will do anything to play, and they next I couldn't care if I played it ever again. CoH has a really neat character creation that ALL games could learn from. Talk about cranking out unique avatars to play. It was so good Marvel Comics launched a lawsuit because people were making X-men and the like to play and use. They lost of course but still....

The skill orbs that you find and collect and eventually combine to get your skills up was a neat idea too. There is plnety of room for some unique character customizations. A blaster(long equal to a mage I guess) can choose to be say a magic based damage dealer. Ok, now under that you can choose from fire and ice based. So it adds a lil' flava' to the classess.

The quests are well, not too bad. There is some grinding, and the locations you goto are limited to being in a city. Sewers, buildings, parks(oh yay) and maybe and underground cave or two. So basically the environments are very stale and boring. Oh and I have to add too, once you make your character, thats it. No armour or waeapons to make the look different so design your avatar wisely folks!