Great RPG that has a unique gameplay style and a superb character creation system.

User Rating: 8.6 | City of Heroes PC
City of Heroes is my favourite RPG and I'm not going to lie about that. I am a big fan of creating my own characters and I have to make sure that there is a lot of choise. When i saw a video of character creation I was ver impressed. The other details I will talk about below.

Gameplay: Now.. the gameplay, it is an RPG so level;ing up is going to be a major drag, but there are ways of gaining levels in different ways. There are many zones which are appropriate for you level and with a big party you may even find leveling up to be pleasent. When you've reached the right level you will gain access to travel powers which are mighty fun. The different number of classes and powers you will get is grand.

Graphics: CoH looks absolutely stunning. If you have a powerfull computer and you could run it at a steady smooth framerate then you are going to enjoy the graphics. The different projectiles look great and there is a lot of detail put into the costumes and faces. From how lustrous the costume is to the tiny wrinkles on the heroe's face. Though it looks great generally, sometimes if you fall next to a wall you will go through it and that can become really frustrating. Also sometimes enemies will lose some clothing making them look weird.

Sound: The game sounds great, u will hear a lot of background noise, suck as somebody screaming or people on the street talking. If you're flying you will hear a woosh sound to show how fast you are moving. City of Heroes has impressive sound overall. I think every RPG fan should check this game out, there is a lot of variety and it looks and sounds fantastic.