Best Graphics in an MMORPG.

User Rating: 9 | City of Heroes Going Rogue PC
When CoH launched. I was there. The aged screen shots and general disinterest on GameSpot is an injustice. But, if you look closely at the chat you'll get a glimpse of the terrific fun that was being had, and, still is being had in large numbers.

The new content, new builds, new costume pieces, and Ultra Mode are super hot! A cross between Demotion Man and i-Robot describe the new villain groups in a nutshell.

It supports new shader models, reflections, hyper realistic shadows, depth of field blur filters, etc. To say the new Zones look like liquid silky smooth perfection is an understatement. Thankfully, all the settings can be toned down and the resolution is scalable. Meaning, on crowded or huge (poorly optimized) mission maps, you can keep the action from bogging down no matter how weak your PC (or laptop) might be.

I am actually planning to upgrade my PC, partly so I can run all the new features at maximum settings. Yes. We are talking about an MMO. Not Crysis. Here are a few other things about this game you probably won't read about on GameSpot:

-It has had its own form of facebook for years
-It has an extremely friendly player base (comparatively)
-It has more female players than any violence based MMO
-It has more unique build combinations than any MMO
-It has the best particle animation, physics, and special effects of any MMO

Gripes: I would like to see CoH charge $9.99 or offer new pricing models. Or else, greatly expand the lvl 40-50 content. The rest of the map Zones require the same graphic overhaul that Going Rouge affords lvls 1-20. Ultra mode adds polish, but many of the aging zones need love and fresh purpose.

AE farming (see my previous review) is rampant in spite of more nerfing. Crafting is too costly, and not as potent as early builds. Too many once epic powers have been severely crippled in the name of "balance."

Bottom Line: A hot piece of eye candy, many cool people, great multi-player, and staggering play-style possibilities.

City of Heroes Going Rouge = City of Heroes 2