Best expansion ever for the series.

User Rating: 10 | City of Heroes Going Rogue PC
Nearly everything has been improved since City of Heroes launched 6 1/2 years ago. Issue 17 introduced Ultra mode graphics, a graphical overhaul of the MMO that makes it much more delicious.

Going Rogue grants four new power sets which all the main 10 archetypes will have access to and all four are solid sets. Kinetic Melee, Electric Control, Demon Summoning, and Dual Pistols are much like you would imagine them to be.

For $40 you can get the Complete Collection which contains City of Heroes, City of Villains, and Going Rogue. It comes with a month of play and some extra costume sets and auras, along with a couple of stance emotes.

The new city of Praetoria is gorgeous, yet at the moment it is intended for levels 1-20. You are introduced to the Loyalists and the Resistance, regarding a superhero that keeps the city safe but rules it with an iron fist. Which side will you choose? After you reach level 20, you can pick to be a hero or villain and will be sent to Paragon City or The Rogue Iles, depending on your choice.

I want to keep this review short, but launch week so far has seen a huge influx of players, all eager to crush the server to check out what the series is like after 18 updates since launch.

Check it out - and look me up - I will be happy to give you a tour.