Interesting take on the MMO scene. Lots of customization but in the end, same old, same old.

User Rating: 6.5 | City of Heroes PC
Visually this game is pretty good. Character models are good, as well as movement and action animations. Character customization is also good and colour bright and vibrant making the game feel like a comic book.

Unfortunately the world feels very confined and is pretty small and every place starts to look like every other place after a while. Travel to some places require the use of the "subway" system which I suppose is suppose to make the world bigger but it certainly doesn't make if feel so.

Missions are pretty standard and easy. Basically when you receive a goal (go to X, kill so many X, return) the point where you must go to complete this mission is highlighted for you so it's a no brainer. After a while everything feels the same with names changing being the only exception.

All of the missions that I've been on that I can recall have been instance based. After receiving your mission from a quest giver, you make your way to the start (which is a door into some building). Once inside you are in your own instance which once again makes the world feel small and confined.

Altough interesting at first this game quickly losses it's luster after a few days of playing. If it was $5 a month instead of the standard $15 it might be more worthwhile but even that is pushing it for me.