Fly,Jump,Run,TELEPORT to this Awesome Game!!

User Rating: 9 | City of Heroes PC
This is A Awesome game. It is made by Cryptic games and is now Owned by NCSoft and run by Paragon Studios.
This game is way better then Champions-Online. This game also didnt get better untill Cryptic took their aweful hands off of it.
This game has all the great stuff you would want to see in a super hero game and not be dull and boring.
There is alot of action taking place for high lvl pve.
I am a 12 month Vet at this game and the Devs have done alot for the game and have made it a ton of fun to play.

Going Rogue their newest eXpack coming Aug. 17th 2010
will bring some awesome things to this game. It is breathing new life into it.

All I have to say is give it a try and dont write it off right away its not a super easy or hard game to play but once you learn it, its the best thing to play. I jump back and forth between this game and WoW and everytime a friend draws me back to WoW , I am missing COH the whole time.

It lets you fulfill every super hero dream you ever had. and the RP server Virtue is the best place to do that.

Want to say they also put out 17 Free Upgrades or Issues as they call them,
Several Booster packs or small Micro-transaction
5 of them based on the power orgins.
What more could you ask for in a MMO with heros.

If you want to try this, go to Gamestop and Pre-Order the Going Rogue Compleate Edition,
You will get several extras and the whole game.
You wont get the booster packs tho, those are separate.
All for 40.00 and the first month comes with it