Great Superhero creating and adventuring system on PC.

User Rating: 9 | City of Heroes PC
This is not to complicated a game to play if you think, but with a low end computer your loading screens might last a little longer than others. But given that the game can continue a long time after you load up, and that the character creation is awesome. With many extra features to beef up your character and a truly core RPG experience that follows how some of the original pen and paper RPGs worked. Easter eggs, and few disconnections keep your frustration at bay, and a tight community who all take their character seriously and do offer lending hands. You might find yourself alone on your quests and not being able to explore everywhere due to high level enemies, and never thought my superhero would run away so much from foes!!! But I really enjoyed the game, really enjoyed the players and really found that the support from the website and the actually game were simple and really makes you want to play some more. Great game! Try the 15 day trial if you haven't its worth while. The game will last too I reckon until the sequal comes?