Character creation is a blast. If you like comic books this is a must try game.

User Rating: 8 | City of Heroes PC
The Good: The character creation process is perhaps the most humorous and detailed yet created in a game of this type. Combat in City Of Heroes works extremely well, and unlike in other online RPG’s, is satisfying and compelling. Special effects from weapons and powers look fantastic and seem powerful, and group combat in particular requires a degree of strategy from each member.
The Bad: There is simply not enough breadth or depth to make it the first choice for players looking for an extended role-playing option, and very little to convince new players that MMORPG’s are worth the monthly fee. For those willing to take the game at face value, though, City of Heroes will still offer a month or two of old-fashioned good fun.
Singleplayer:8.0 PvE
Multiplayer:8.0 PvP

Conclusion: Anyone with even a remote interest in creating a superhero and fighting the forces of evil in a persistent environment need look no further: City Of Heroes is a rip-roaring delight that should satisfy even the pickiest gamers and comic book fans. My Score:8.0 Great