The very best game EVER!

User Rating: 10 | City of Heroes PC
This is one of the best, (if not THE BEST), video game ever created. It's not the missions you go on, (those can get repetitive quickly). It's not the villians you fight, (you'll see them more than once). It's the beautiful graphics, amazing sound effects, and most of all . . . it's the community of players. In no other game do the players reach out to me, so quickly, so eagerly to form teams, friendships, even love. The social impact the game makes on your gaming life contributes heavily to it's extremely addictive nature. The game can be played casually or with hard core vigor, diving into item creation, or super group details. Create 'your' super hero, (not someone elses). Select his/her origin (mutant, alien, ect). Select your powers, (Fire blasting, dual katana swords, ect). Sculpt your heroe's body, hair, face, height, wieght and name. The options are nearly limitless. How involved you become is up to you. One thing is for certain. You'll never be alone again. :)