not the best....but certainly not the worst

User Rating: 8.5 | City of Heroes PC
i have 3 level 50's in this game....this was one of the first mmorpg's i could actually reach the level cap....its not hard to get used to...and its not hard to get lost and not realize what your doing....that being of heroes is not a hardcore mmorpg like age of conan or city of heroes or lord of the rings or especially eve online.....its simple and fun something you can just hop right into with your friends...this game doesnt really call for any particular strategy when you are fighting mobs..and you really dont have to worry about epic armor but their is enhancements that will improve your powers ....either that would be range,attack,recharge or etc....the game is good if you jsut want to have fun with your friends and create a hero....and it keeps on improving month by month....i recommand this to people thats not really hardcore when it comes to mmo's or if you simply just want to start with an easy game...oh and for the people that are hardcore mmorpg players...there is really NOOOOOOOOOO end gameplay like wow....if i remembered all you do is just raise influence for your costume or for more enhancements.....

hopefully champions online will contribute a little more of the superhero feel