Graphics Great Gameplay Great Paying for the game quite fair

User Rating: 10 | City of Heroes PC
THis game is one of the best games ever made in my eyes. You dont need to buy the City of Villains why? Because u get updates! yeah it runs a little slow but its a game that is great on teh graphics gives u trial ammount of time i used that up like 24/7 playing couldnt stop (had to sleep and all) But when i wasnt doing something needed this was where i was i think if you like any of those cheasy free to play MMO then put up the 15USD for the month it is worth it .... I liked the graphics did i say they were AWSOME you get 8 charachters on each of the servers i only used one lol but it was SUPERB i couldnt recomend any other game for christmass 20USD for the game 15USD for the month that already is cheaper than buying another game and you and ur friends can play together just dont get hooked like i am.... Stay in SChool Nooby_Loki!